Sunday, 17 March 2013

How to apply for NATA Exam 2013?

How to apply for NATA Coaching 2013?
 NATA Architecture Aptitude Entrance exam for B.Arch admission in any of the Architecture colleges in India, is a online cum paper based exam for 3 hours and Nata exam can be undertaken any working day between March 20th 2013 to May 31st 2013 in the Nata test centre 2013on pre registration for which you need to follow the under mentioned procedure.
          NATA EXAM 2013 Application form are issued in the specific branches of ICICI Bank throughout India. The Nata exam procedure is that, you need to download the ICICI Bank challan, print it and fill it & with a payment of Rs.1000, the nata application has to be purchased from ICICI Bank, along which you would get the Nata 2013 Brochure booklet.
             After filling the application it needs to be submitted in the nearest NATA Test centre 2013 in your city.While submitting the NATA FORM to the test centre, the candidate’s certain Identity proofs has to be produced (as mentioned in the NATA Brochure). On submission of the Nata application, you will receive the Hall ticket for the Nata exam for the specified date & time which will be fixed based on the coherence of your requirement & the Test centre’s availability.
                    The choice of first taking up the Nata Online Aesthetic sensitivity test for one hour(Part – A) or the Nata drawing test for 2 hours ( Part – B) might change from test centre to test center.
NATA Online Aesthetic sensitivity test score will be known immediately after the completion of the online test. The total NATA exam result along the drawing test score will be released from 4 days – 7 days from the date of the exam in the NATA Website and you may find it on producing your candidate’s i.d.
        Before the submission of the nata application in the NATA Test centre, the NATA COACHING has to be undertaken. After once the hall ticket is issued for a specified date, it cannot be changed or cancelled, hence it is absolutely necessary to make it sure if the student has made the NATA PREPARATION to the fullest to take up the exam on that date. Though numerous attempts can be made for Clearing Nata exam, the final valid score will be the average of all attempts.
It’s always advisable to take up a long  term or short term nata coaching under the guidance of an architecture professional to score high in the NATA exam. Moreover as the students are well experienced only with the paper based exam throughout their schooling, this sudden NATA time based online exam might confuse or fear them, where the student may not be able to tackle the exam in spite of knowing the answer. Hence its very much good to take up one or many Online NATA Model exam (Nata mock test) , so that the student gets a good training to tackle the online exam & its time Based issues. For the Nata drawing exam, it better to work out one or many NATA Sketching sample paperswithin 2 hours and get it evaluated by your trainer.
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